Our goal is to help like minded small businesses thrive in any way we can

A little about us

We (like you) are a small business. With our combined knowledge of websites, design, branding, social media, and all the things in between, we can help get your brand out there. 

With plenty of room in the world to get your business known, being the small fish isn’t all that bad after all.

We truly believe in a positive life and work balance. We moved to France to find a little bit of countryside zen, but we’ll always love the hustle and bustle! Creating something exciting for other small businesses gives us that.

We speak to our customers via phone, skype, whatsapp messaging, zoom, and however else suits our customers.

When needed we also work with freelance illustrators, photographers, developers, designers, strategic people and more. So whatever your business needs, we can help.

Get to know us

1. James is a big foodie, Lauren is a big perfectionist

2. Lauren makes headboards in her spare time, and James likes to put things into frames

3. James likes dry food with a dip, Lauren prefers everything with a sauce

4. James is a Yorkshireman, Lauren is a Lancashire lass

5. We have two little boys under 4 who keep us on our toes

6. We recently renovated an 18th century Manor House, why not come and stay?

7. You may have seen us on Channel 4’s A New Life in the Sun, if not, get watching! (Series 6, episodes 11, 12, 13 & 14)

8. We live in a quaint French village in the South West of France (with exceptionally fast internet)


Meet the team: James & Lauren, husband and wife duo with over 23 years’ industry experience combined.

James has a degree (and an eye) in Graphic Design and is a self taught web wiz. He spent his youth in the hospitality world, from restaurants, delis and even wedding catering. He’s worked in several design agencies creating beautiful high-end cook books, branding and websites. Before moving to France, he spent years branding and distributing high end charcuterie.

Lauren worked in the world of advertising for over 10 years, from big branding agencies all the way to small, digital start-ups. From banks to consumer energy, charities, healthcare to IT software there isn’t a sector she hasn’t dabbled in at some point. Managing website builds and planning come second nature to Lauren, along with having a knack for writing people-grabbing content.